Sexuality: The Messages We Hold Close

This post describes the benefits of exploring sexual messages by utilizing a sexual experiences time-line. Additionally, this post offers guidance for exploring sexual experiences and messages and the impact that messages can have on individuals.

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda: Fighting Words?

This post explores Cognitive Behavioral Therapy concepts related to unhealthy thought patterns such as all-inclusive or critical statements such as “should have, could have, would have”. Post offers tips for combatting problematic self-talk or self-judgments.

Needing in a Time of Uncertainty

This post explores the challenges of coping with COVID or other situations which have a high level of uncertainty. Post encourages individuals to explore their feelings and needs and practice naming them. Additionally, this post questions the American value of self-sufficiency and whether that is helping individuals to ask for help or get their needs met. Tips are provided to assist individuals in exploring their thoughts and feelings about their capacity to ask for and accept help from others and how this impacts their self-image.

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